Another Successful Annual Trial Basics Seminar

Our AAML Southern California Chapter presented its fourth annual Trial Basics Seminar in Costa Mesa on April 13, 2018. As before, it was free to all 100 attendees, who came from all corners of Southern California. This year’s TBS was better than ever, and I am honored to remain its Dean. Chris Melcher was clear and direct concerning the introduction of evidence, examination of witnesses,...

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A Call for “Disruptive Change” Toward E-Discovery Competence

Electronically stored information (“ESI”) is information that is stored in technology having electrical, digital, magnetic, wireless, optical, electromagnetic or similar capabilities. Electronic Discovery, or e-discovery, is the use of legal means to obtain ESI in the course of litigation for evidentiary purposes. Together, they constitute new, interesting and important considerations...

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Spousal Support Changes under the New Federal Tax Law

The recent federal tax overhaul provides in part that, in any spousal support orders entered after December 31, 2018, the spouse paying spousal support will not be able to deduct it and the spouse receiving spousal support will not be able to claim it as income for tax purposes.  This will reverse the 75-year-old tax deduction for spousal support....

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Greg Herring - AAML 2018 - Family Law Person of the Year Award

AAML Southern California Chapter’s 2018 Family Law Person of the Year Award...

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